The StoryExplorers

The StoryExplorers is a dynamic story-telling performance suitable for all ages.

Meet Nellie Natinski and Nathaniel Nautilus!
Intrepid explorers and guardians of the intriguingly ingenious, much loved StoryGenerator.


Nellie and Nathaniel have travelled round the world collecting story-ideas for their StoryGenerator.

Watch them crank the starter handle and see the machine conjure up fabulous tales from out of its secret compartments - The Cabinet of Curiosities, The Book of Wishes and even from The Box of Disasters! And through the bedazzling power of The Transmission Helmet The StoryExplorers will bring these tales to life for you.

But the StoryGenerator can be a little unpredictable and sometimes it goes "KAPUT!" Luckily, good old Mr Mender is always on hand to tighten a nut and put things right!

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Alongside their public performances, Nellie and Nathaniel offer workshops for children to create marvellous tales of their own. Each child receives a beautiful, professionally designed StoryMap book to write and draw their own stories.

The StoryExplorers have already been working in primary schools in Torbay as part of The Embodied Literacy Project (in association with Doorstep Arts and funded by the Ragdoll Foundation) and are keen to reach out to schools elsewhere. Each visit can be tailored for every school and the workshops suited for Reception, KS1 or KS2. Each class receives a special box filled with wondrous objects and a letter from Nellie and Nathaniel prior to their first visit.

Arriving with the StoryGenerator, they offer The StoryExplorer performance followed by a series of workshops in which children are supported to create their own stories,  bringing them to life to be celebrated by the whole class. Training can also be offered to help teachers use these approaches themselves, enlivening and enriching literacy lessons. 

For more information about this dynamic approach, inspired by the pioneering work of Vivian Pavey, please visit: