The Tales of Robin Hood

Join Herbert and Norbert of The Much Numpty Players as they recount the tales of England's Greatest Outlaw. Revel in the merry antics of Robin and his Friends as they take on the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham!

Be swept along in the adventure as dynamic puppetry and colourful acting bring these much-loved tales to life. With comedy, derring-do and interactive archery The Tales of Robin Hood is guaranteed to be more fun than The Plague and entirely suitable for young and old and the middle ages!

Can be booked for indoor or outdoor events as a single 60 min performance or executed in three acts of 25 mins apiece. 

Performed by Herbert (Dave Oliver) and Norbert (James Richardson). Puppets, props and costumes by James, Dave, Lisa Green and Julie Burkin. 

...and there's more madcap merriment from James and Dave with....


An epic tale of pirates, monsters of the deep, sea battles and…nuns!


Our Swashbuckling hero, Captain Jeremiah Obadiah, has hit hard times….he has no money for grog or for sailing the High Seas! However, a chance encounter with a group of Nuns willing to charter a ship to take them to Lourdes propels him into more adventure than you could shake a cutlass at!

Will the notorious Whaler Ezekial Krang foil Jeremiah’s attempts to save a Wobbly Whale with a belly full of treasure? Will Jeremiah ever teach the Nuns to cuss and fire a cannon? Will he ever get Lorraine the Mermaid to stop singing!


Can be booked for indoor or outdoor events as a single performance of 45 mins, keelhauled twice in one day.

Performed by Dave Oliver and James Richardson.

Puppets, props and costumes by Dave Oliver James Richardson, Julie Burkin and Lisa Green. 

Suitable for all the family 4 yrs and up.