The Tales of Robin Hood


Join Herbert and Norbert of The Much Numpty Players as they recount the tales of England's Greatest Outlaw. Revel in the merry antics of Robin and his Friends as they take on the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham!

Be swept along in the adventure as dynamic puppetry and colourful acting bring these much-loved tales to life. With comedy, derring-do and interactive archery The Tales of Robin Hood is guaranteed to be more fun than The Plague and entirely suitable for young and old and the middle ages!


Suitable for all the family 5 years and above

"Hilarious comic business, beautifully crafted puppets, costumes and sets. Well-written takes on the old tales which summoned up an authentic feel for the legendary past." 

-Older audience member

"Loved it! great puppets and props and like the use of scale. The adults enjoyed it as much as the kids!"

-Event organiser


Can be booked for indoor or outdoor events as one 60min performance or three acts of 25min. 

Performed by Herbert (Dave Oliver) and Norbert (James Richardson). Puppets, props and costumes by Dave Oliver, James Richardson, Lisa Green and Julie Burkin.

...and there's more madcap merriment from James and Dave with....



Sam O' Shanty has lived his whole live at sea, ever since he first stowed away on board ship when he were just a wee scrap of a lad. Since then he has sailed all the Seven Seas- from Devonport to Durban Bay; from Nantucket to New Guinea; from Cape Wrath to the Cape of Good Hope.

But now Sam has come ashore with his two shipmates, Davy Lad and Sonny Jim and together they have got all manner of marvellous stories to share.

Aye, there be tales of beguiling mermaids and batty sea witches. A roisterous retelling of Blackbeard's comeuppance, as well as tangled yarns of lucky escapades, hidden booty and beasties of the deep. The Sam O' Shanty show is a nautically comic entertainment for all the family. Crammed with facts, fantasy and farce! And with puppetry, storytelling and the singing of shanties tis sure to enthral and delight Huzzaaaaaaaaaar!!!


Suitable for all the family 4 yrs and up.

"This was fabulous fun, wholly engaging from start to finish. The whole audience, young and old alike, audibly enjoyed every moment."
- Older audience member

"Brilliant! We loved it when dad had to fight Blackbeard!"

- Young audience member 

"Their puppets always cause a stir wherever they turn up – at fairs, castles, them parks, historical events. Beautifully crafted and skilfully operated, they create a little magic and a lot of laughs wherever they appear."

- Event organiser


The Sam O' Shanty show is available to add both nautical cheer and spice 'n' spark indoors or outside. We can offer a single hour-long show for theatres, village halls, schools or museums. 

Or three half-hour performances across the day at fairs and festivals and pirate days.

Performed by Dave Oliver and James Richardson

Puppets & props by Dave Oliver and James Richardson 

Costumes by Lisa Green and Julie Burkin